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Apr 08, 2019

Research @ CRI is a Collaboratory at the crossroads of life, learning, and digital sciences, affiliated to Paris Descartes University.

Founded in the spirit of facilitating the transition from closed scientific enquiry to a more open model we aim to transcending barriers between disciplines, science and the society. We foster research at crossroads between interdisciplinary life and health sciences,  basic understanding of learning processes and novel education technology/methodology testing and implementation, and digital sciences.

We pursue open, collaborative research projects to tackle the world’s health and education challenges, focusing on the following broad topics, amenable to bridge foundational research and societal impact:

Open health

From data-rich research to development of frugal software and hardware solutions.


Open synthetic and systems biology

From foundational understanding of living systems to open biotech and open pharma solutions.


Open learning

From understanding learning to human-machine paradigms.


Open AI

Understanding and shaping current digital transition in context of learning, health and/or human-machine paradigms.


Open phronesis

Tackling ethical challenges of our time.



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