A few stats about the CRI alumni

Apr 23, 2019

A few stats about the CRI alumni


Disclaimer on the stats

Some introductory comments:

  • Out of curiosity, we wanted to generate a few stats on the community out of the data we had. Unfortunately, it was sometimes 15-years old and we didn’t have much information on some important items. For example, we only knew the city and current position of 3% of alumni.

  • Keeping in mind that our stats are not quite accurate because the data will be edited and updated by alumni themselves via the dedicated website we are building, here are a few numbers.
  • We thus performed a labor-intensive effort to gather data manually online when it was publicly available. Thanks to this work, we pumped up the numbers on some information. For instance, we now know the city where 59% of alumni live and the current position of 55% of the alumni. On average, we have data available on around half of the CRI alumni.


How many alumni are there?

  • 933 people graduated from CRI since 2004 in the Bachelor, Master (AIV or EdTech), PhD and Lifelong Learning:
    • 903 finished their studies at CRI (98%)
    • 30 graduated from a program and currently pursue another one (e.g. an Master AIV alumni is currently a PhD student at CRI)
  • The gender ratio balanced is balanced as 51.4% are female and 48.6% are male.


Which programmes did alumni study?

This data also includes the CRI summer schools. A same student can be appear several times if s/he studied several programmes.


How many diplomas did alumni study at CRI?

  • 89.6%% studied 1 diploma

  • 10.3% studied 2 diplomas

  • 0.1% studied 3 diplomas (e.g. Juan Manuel GARCIA ARCOS studied the M2 AIV, M2 EdTech and PhD)


Where do alumni live?

Given that data is available on 59% of students:

  • 52% live in Europe (46% of all alumni live in France)
  • 41% unknown

  • 0.2% live in Africa

  • 0.3% live in Oceania

  • 2.1% live in Asia

  • 4.4% live in America

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