Inaugural night – Welcome to the new CRI campus

Apr 23, 2019

Inaugural night – Welcome to the new CRI campus

On the 4th of October, we opened our doors for the inaugural night!
This event was the perfect opportunity for us to gather, to inaugurate our beautiful premises at the heart of Paris and to welcome our extended community.

As entering the amphitheater, guests were invited to dive into a phantasmagoric and contemplative artwork of Hicham Berrada and Laurent Durupt.

François Taddei, our co-founder and director, opened our inaugural night in those words : “A big thank to all the people who contributed to build this new campus. Over 800 people, staff, alumni, partners and students made this place possible.”
This campus renovationwas supported by the City of Paris and the foundation Bettecourt Schueller.
There is 15 years of unexpected results behind us and the new CRI is an invitation for a new experiment” added Ariel Linder, our co-founder “Thank you all for taking part of this beautiful experiment. We, as scientists, need to be humble. We started because we believed in the students that we mentored. »

Then were organized two debates hosted by Didier Pourquery, editor of The Conversation France.

The first round-table subject was: « Open citizen science for a healthy and learning planet ».

Ariel Lindner stated:  “Being allowed to ask questions is a fundamental law. Learning to people how to ask questions is necessary.” Andrew Murray from Harvard University and the co-chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board said: «Getting our scientists to talk about their works will engage the people in saving the world. » Nigel Crawhall, from UNESCO added: «Citizen science allows people to share information with each other, in a very fast way. The citizen science and open science are critical to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals»
François Houllier, previous chairman of USPC and CEO of IFREMER, concluded: « Citizen science could break the gap between science and citizens»

The second round-table was “the University in the service of learning society

François Taddei started: “We need to accompany the children questions to become scientific ones.”
François Geminet, President of the Formation and Professional Integration Commission at the Cergy-Pontoise University explained: “People need to meet, those with experience, researchers, students. We need this porosity between students and companies which need this knowledge.”
The digital will allow us to carry flexibility. To erase the obstacles between learners and learning” said Anne Panet, Digital VP at Diderot University “Collective intelligence is crucial for research

Brigitte Plateau, Executive Director of Higher Education and Professional Integration: ” Learning society involves us to learn all together. Learning implies bounding, learning from our mistakes, learning from diversity. We will always need learning iconic locations such as universities. “

After this moment of discussions around CRI’s main topics of interest, we had a lovely evening filled with music and moments of friendship and sharing.

Many thanks to our volunteers, our staff, the speakers, the artists, the band, our partners and everyone who contributed to this beautiful event.
Special thanks to Didier Pourquery, editor of The Conversation France who hosted the evening!

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