Discovery Day 2018 – Gathering our community and exploring CRI

Mar 06, 2019

Discovery Day 2018 – Gathering our community and exploring CRI

On the 5th of October we gathered to get to know each other during our annual Discovery Day.
That day was the opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to all our community. The day started with the opening speeches of Ariel Lindner and François Taddei, our cofounders to welcome everyone in this promising new year.



We are a research collaboratory

We started by presenting the Research team and the new and first CRI research fellows: “Come and interact with them. The research that we do here is not meant to be isolated within  CRI.”
Then it was the CRI Labs who are the carriers of the research and development here at CRI and develop open science’s projects : our Game Lab, Health Lab, Maker Lab, the MOOC Factory, Motion Lab, Premiers CRIs (former Baby Lab), VR Frontiers Lab.

Our purpose is to enable the enablers” said Imane, speaking in behalf of DITO.
Doing It Together Science is a European project which believes citizens have a major role to play in addressing the challenges to a sustainable future by ‘doing science together’.

Then the students introduced their student clubs and association. We are very proud of our students and staff’s social engagement. Check their projects


We are a community

To allow people to evolve in the best environment possible, “CRI cares” regroups different service : HR, psychologists, mediators, and the CSE.

Some of our Alumni were present with for this throwback Thursday. Being part one of the CRI gives you the opportunity to be within the CRI whenever and wherever you want. Stéphanie, Head of Alumni and Friends is setting up our community over time.

CRI is proud to incubate projects:

  • Sapiens (ad) which helps and forms teachers on pedagogy.

  • The Conversation FR, an online media which helps scientists to get published and deliver accessible information with the purpose to reinforce the link between citizens and scientists



We are a place of learning

Introducing the Savanturiers – Ecole de la Recherche “We work with students from kindergarten to highschool.”

Then our academic programs : Bachelor, Master (AIV and EdTech), Doctoral School and Diplômes Universitaires (Life Long Learning)

We talked about our wider community, the perspectives and development of CRI, where we are heading to. “We want to celebrate learning and promote SDG-based education.”

Then stand visits allow “fruitful unlikely encounters at Discovery Day today.


The day was hosted by Stephanie Lehuger, head of alumni and friends, a big thank you to her!

We ended the day, dancing, with the marching band, The Beautiful.


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